The Director is the overall in charge of the Department of the Government of Assam. He is assisted by one senior most Joint Director of Soil Conservation and one senior most Divisional Officer as Planning Officer in the Headquarters. Apart from them, one Assistant Soil Conservation Officer is also there in the Directorate to assist the Director of Soil Conservation in statistical matter. Also, one Finance and Accounts Officer is serving in financial matter, who is generally posted on deputation from the Finance Department. In the field level, the Zonal Officers who termed as Joint Director of Soil Conservation are responsible for various field works under respective Divisions within their zones. All the Joint Directors of Soil Conservation are assisting the Director of Soil Conservation, Assam, in formulating policy and planning and execution etc of the Department. In the Divisional Level, the Divisional Soil Conservation Officers are responsible for implementing all the ongoing schemes of the Department. In this respect the Divisional Officers are assisted by the concerned Assistant Soil Conservation Officers posted under their control. The Soil Conservation Divisions are subdivided into various Ranges which are working basically as Sub-Divisional unit under direct control of the Soil Conservation Rangers. These officers are responsible for cent percent execution of the various schemes in the field level. Of course they are assisted by numbers of subordinate staff like Soil Conservation Overseers, Soil Conservation Demonstrators (Senior and Junior), Soil Conservation Field Workers and Soil Conservation Field Malis.