State level nodal agency (SLNA)Assam: It is to be mentioned here that the Govt. of Assam has already declared the Soil Conservation departmentas Nodal Department for implementation of centrally sponsored Scheme viz- Watershed Development during 2008-09 with the objective of developingabout 18 lakhs ha rainfed agricultural land.From 2009-10 to 2014-15 (current) 372 projects have been approved and sanctioned by Government of India covering the whole State. The projects cover 15.77 lakh hectare with a project cost of Rs. 1946.30 crores as on date. The project will be implemented for seven years in three phases.
Phase-I- Preliminary phase: Only preparatory works are taken up during the phase.
Phase-II- Work phase: Main project work implementation phase.
Phase -III- Consolidation Phase.
Accordingly, 226 projects having treatable area of 9.51 lakh hectares with project cost of Rs.1173.22crores is under work phase and the balance 146 projects having 6.26 lakh hectares with project value of Rs.773.08 crores is initial stage. As per the Project guideline, the following approaches are to be followed for treatment of the Watershed area.
i) Upper reaches are to be taken up for vegetative overage, improvement of the green belt and regenerative activities as per applicable of local need and conditions.
ii) Middle reaches are to be treated with horticulture crops, fuel and folder species and cash crops promotion activities. Other Natural resources Management activities like-Check Dam, strengthening of Drainage channel and other vegetative and non-vegetative-contour bounding structures are to be constructed.
iii) Lower researches are flat land and agricultural concentrate area which can be used for Water harvesting structure, intensive agriculture, double and multi cropping, drainage channel for irrigation. Marshy lands and other natural wasteland are to be rehabilitated either for water conservation and storage purpose or reclamation of land for agriculture purpose.
IWMP project is designed to empower the people living within the project areas with a right to use the assets so created under the project in a form of UG, SHG and individual beneficiary schemes so that they have sustainability by improvement in productivity and production in the watershed area without infringement on the ecology and environment.


Sl. no. Name of scheme Sanctioned year Total fund released (C.S. + S.S.) Physical target Against fund release Financial Achievement Physical Achievement % of Achievement Unspent Balance
1 IWMP Batch - I (2009-10) 121.52081 99266 54.2453 43204 43.52 67.27551
2 Batch - II (2010-2011) 82.589338 64244 60.1950 49163 76.53 22.393438
3 Batch - III (2011-12) 62.905872 50242 29.2474 23372 46.52 33.658472
4 Batch - IV (2012-13) 14.337 10947 3.5843 2886 26.36 10.7527
5 Batch - V (201314) 0 0 0 0.00 0